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Toronto artist puts bullets through images of Jesus, Andy Warhol, Paris Hilton

Toronto artist-slash-sharpshooter Viktor Mitic—dubbed Mr. Brainwash of the North (shout-out to the brilliant Banksy mockumentary)—is unveiling more bullet-ridden paintings on September 23, when his new book, Art or War, launches at Moos Gallery on Richmond Street West. The gun-loving artist will be “creating controversy by shooting at images of Jesus, Andy Warhol, Madonna and Paris Hilton” with assault rifles and hand pistols. The most controversial part, in our opinion? Listing a coke-snorting has-been alongside Warhol and, um, Jesus. Apparently Stephen Harper and Jean Chrétien are collectors. No, Mitic won’t be discharging his weapons in person at Moos, but here’s a preview of his work, after the jump.

Mitic’s Bullet Paintings Series will be at Moos Gallery, 622 Richmond St. W., from Sept. 23 to Oct. 22.