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Black Eyed Peas + James Cameron = 3-D humps

Now imagine this in 3-D (Image: Jorge Mejía Peralta)

We were a little surprised that after James Cameron decried the “stupid stuff” emerging from 3-D cinema (i.e. Clash of the Titans) he would make a 3-D film about a band whose previous hits include “My Humps.” The Black Eyed Peas, fresh off the success of “I Gotta Feeling,” which broke the Billboard record for topping the charts for 20 weeks, will be the stars of Cameron’s next blockbuster 3-D flick.

Band member told the CBC the movie would be filmed in South America and would feature concert footage as well as a storyline devised by J.C., much like Bruce McDonald’s recent Broken Social Scene concert film, This Movie is Broken. But of course, This Movie is Broken is not in 3-D and there are no humps to admire. Cue James Cameron.

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