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Money Talks: 10 Toronto celebrities who command five-figure speaking fees

Earlier this week, Wayne Gretzky was in town talking, oddly enough, about investment strategy. Apparently, The Great One isn’t only adept at stickhandling behind the net (his office, so to speak); he can also manage your stock portfolio. After all, in this age of Ted Talks and corporate retreats, one of the quickest and easiest ways for the famous and voluble to get even richer is through speaking engagements—and the topics they cover don’t even have to be married with the reason they’re famous in the first place. Gretzky, for example, clocks a $50,000-a-pop speaking fee and a staggering $1 million per annum from TD Bank to talk about money management. And he’s not alone. Here, Gretzky and nine other Toronto notables who are cashing in on the speaking circuit.

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  • Zoltar

    Jian???? give me a f**ing break!!

  • SS

    TED isn’t actually allowed to pay speakers.

  • Rex Saigon

    Gotta agree with ‘Zoltar’ on Jian Ghomeshi. Even the cutline on his photo makes the (obvious) point that we can listen to him every day on the radio, where he routinely injects commentary (depending on the guest) on the very subjects he’s charging people to speak about. What, the public teat not rich enough? Then again, the money’s out there, and if suckers wanna part with for the supposed ‘cred’ these people bring to their annual meeting of the International United Association of Industrial Shampoo Bottlers or what have you, then more power to them.

  • Toronto, Not Toronto

    How, exactly, do Toronto Life’s editors define “Toronto celebrity?” Paul Molitor played in Toronto for three seasons (the last of which was 17 years ago) in a 21-year career, so I suppose he could loosely be called a Toronto celebrity. Alex Trebek, as far as I understand, lived in Toronto for maybe a year as a teen. Gretzky was born and raised in Brantford, which isn’t even in the GTA. And he never played at any level as a member of a Toronto-based team.

    Writing for SEO can make you look stupid if it’s factually incorrect.