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Canadian Business buries RIM before it’s even dead

(Image: Instagram, John Montgomery)

Canadian Business seems pretty convinced that Research in Motion is in a dire state—and it’s certainly not the only publication to voice that opinion. Unlike other media outlets, however, the magazine’s latest cover (shared on Instagram by art director and former Toronto Life–er John Montgomery) actually gives the date of death. Sure, RIM is bleeding money, selling its private jet, facing lawsuits, delaying products, laying off employees and trying—and failing—to appease shareholders with its new touchy-feely PR strategy. But coming right out and saying that RIM is dead when there’s still a chance—a wafer-slim chance, but a chance—that it could rally seems a tad mean (even if the cover design is arresting). [Instagram]

  • peachy

    well, it makes a refreshing change from all the positive pretence we presently live under.

  • T-Rex

    At least the Canadians are right this time about the health of RIM’s. For a company that is run by delusional meatheads like Thorsten Heins and his management board, it won’t long before it’s gone to bankruptcy.

  • tony

    Another boring bashing article that looks paid for by vested interests in sewing rim go down. It’s ro bad rim owns QNX which is in the space shuttle and space station and in power plants and in millions and millions of automobiles and in countless other everyday items. No wonder apple and Google are afraid of rim. Canadians are easily brainwashed by American propaganda.

  • 5432

    Thank you Tony. You are absolutely right. I for one really do not want RIM to go down. It has done great things for technology as an industry and science in Canada and the world. It might not be looking that good right now, but I wouldn’t bash them.

  • beavertail

    Ottawa RIM parking lot is 60% full @ 6:30pm. I am sure they are beavering away inside.

    RIM has a lot of things others simply don’t have. They should be really worry about the BB10. Say no more.

    Shame on you, Canadian Business.

  • InKing

    Good things are worth waiting for. RIM will rise again. Thor will make it so. BTW security and the management of personal info does matter but even giants like Amazon,Sony or Yahoo today don’t get it. People forget as the world gets more mobile so does your data and someone needs to protect it. Faster more mobile also means more threat. I want Thor and the stability of a big trusted Canadian franchise in my camp and so do millions of other informed individuals.

  • mike

    Our 5 chains will be upgrading to BB10 as soon as they arrive. All Head Office staff voted 90% that BlackBerrys is the only clear choice.

    RIM is young and VERY HEALTHY!

  • Ben

    Apple can afford to buy rim 10x over with the money it has in cash. Yet it hasn’t yet. Why? Perhaps BB has nothing apple wants. Apple is not afraid of BB. Their money is in the fight with google, samsung, android.

  • S,GILL

    Maybe its because if Apple bought BB/RIM They would be obliged to service them? It might be of more value to a company like Dell

  • peachy

    my die-hard iphone fan/ owner 21 yr old daughter and friends swear the new samsung phone beats iphone hands down (? i know nothing about these things as a person who is a die-hard fan of not having a mobile phone). there is clearly room at the table.

  • Alex Gregory


    I think that any potential bidder for RIM would be more interested in its patent portfolio than any prospective new operating system.

    The fight is happening this year, with the new iPhone model and the competing products from Android/Samsung. Waiting until next year to release your next OS is a death knell. RIM is so far behind the curve (no pun intended) that it’s going to take nothing short of a significant shift in the market for them to stay afloat. All the other chains (and most major organizations, too – Halliburton and the White House staff, to give two examples, have switched over to Apple) have left RIM behind.