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Toronto has more sugar daddies (a.k.a. creepy rich guys) than anywhere else in Canada

Hugh Hefner, patron saint of sugar daddies (Image: convergentmediapr)

Toronto has the dubious honour of being the sugar daddy capital of Canada, according to a dating website that specializes in pairing rich (and, often, egocentric or deluded) men with beautiful (and, often, cash-strapped or mercenary) women. Using data from its users, found that Toronto has an average of two “daddies” (ugh) per thousand adult men, compared to one in Montreal and one and a half in Vancouver. The Torontonians have an average yearly income of about $253,000 and net worth of $5.4 million, and 40 per cent of them are married. But the most bewildering statistic is that they, on average, give their “sugar babies” (UGH!) a monthly budget of $4,027—just remember, ladies, money can’t buy you class.

  • DES_Toronto

    Do those “sugar babies” delude themselves into thinking they’re something other than prostitutes?

  • peachy

    $4? o dear. that wouldn’t cover my coffee tab.

  • cappuccino

    That’s pretty good income for a sugar baby…and if they have their own jobs with an average salary of 40-50K they could make close to 6 figures…

  • BananaPotato

    Daaamn San….. No wonder all “they” ever shop is Mac and Prada! :|

  • Todd

    This article would have been a lot more interesting and informative without the unnecessary editorializing (all the “ughs!” and “creepy” etc.). The author of this piece doesn’t approve; we get it.

    Sugar daddy dating isn’t for everyone; and even if the trend is growing, the men and women involved in these relationships will always be a minority. However, these are relationships between consenting adults. If this variety of dating doesn’t appeal to you, then simply don’t participate.

    Journalists need not go overboard with their self-righteous condemnations. The tone of this article was unprofessional.

  • Johnny

    Fancy name for a s@#t.

  • Amber

    I agree completely with Todd. He said everything I wanted to say…

  • juan petro

    At $4000 a month, I’d say they are getting a pretty good deal for someone earning 250k a year with a networth of 5.4 million. A man with a girlfriend who lives with him or a wife, making similar income would shell out far more in the long run, and in the event of a divorce, I could easily see courts awarding a potential mother all in all 10k a month or more plus 40-50% of assets.

  • Monika

    A lot of these sugar babies are not even intimate with their sugar daddies. It’s a companionship thing more really…they’re not escorts.

  • David

    Men who want to have their sexual desires met with young nubile women instead of their saggier female counterparts of their own age are creepy, egocentric and deluded, while young women who want to have their financial needs met and are willing to sell their bodies to do so are merely strapped for cash and are called, more flatteringly ‘mercenaries.’ Around here these girls are called prostitutes. Do you think sex should be more ‘special’ and not so blatantly economic an exchange? Fine, but don’t characterize only the male side as being creepy. This is the usual anti-male bias that appears in most mainstream media rags thanks to radical feminism which would probaby consider this girl to be a victim, not an agent of her own choices. Ever hear of waitressing? Know how women ask us to be understanding when they are feeling emotional at that time of the month due to hormones? Well extend the same understanding to the male who remains a slave to his sex drive due to hormones until his glorious 80′s. Yes I find the language of Daddies and Babies creepy, but how often does this sex-for-resources arrangement occur in relationships outside of this ‘dating’ site. Plenty. It’s just not labelled as such so explicitly. There is a passing half-acknowledgement of the fact that women might be less than classy in the last line of this piece but of course one never fully calls out a woman on her behavior these days.

  • David

    How do you know?

  • Jamaal

    I’m pretty sure they’re so happy with their situation, they really don’t care

  • Jamaal

    Prostitutes sell themselves as a per-visit thing. These girls are simply girlfriends. Just because $$ is involved, doesn’t mean there cannot be feelings and a real relationship developing. Just because two people men in another place and end up setting up a similar thing – he helps out with the bills but they sleep together – doesn’t make it different. Actions are actions. Don’t romanticize.
    P.S. Ever worked as a female waitress? Then don’t suggest it. It’s one of the worst jobs around, not to mention the numerous creepy men you need to deal with on a daily basis.
    Forgot to say, I have to agree regarding “creepy” comments being sexist and too judgmental. They’re all just people, this excuse of a journalist should learn to stop being so outright silly…intelligence is lacking.