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Toronto has more sugar daddies (a.k.a. creepy rich guys) than anywhere else in Canada

Hugh Hefner, patron saint of sugar daddies (Image: convergentmediapr)

Toronto has the dubious honour of being the sugar daddy capital of Canada, according to a dating website that specializes in pairing rich (and, often, egocentric or deluded) men with beautiful (and, often, cash-strapped or mercenary) women. Using data from its users, found that Toronto has an average of two “daddies” (ugh) per thousand adult men, compared to one in Montreal and one and a half in Vancouver. The Torontonians have an average yearly income of about $253,000 and net worth of $5.4 million, and 40 per cent of them are married. But the most bewildering statistic is that they, on average, give their “sugar babies” (UGH!) a monthly budget of $4,027—just remember, ladies, money can’t buy you class.