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New BlackBerry launch sparks RIM-loving riot (for a change)

Apple may own the rabid gadget consumer market in North America, but apparently RIM has it locked down elsewhere in the world. The BlackBerry Bold 9790 went on sale in Indonesia this morning, with thousands of diehards lining up outside the Pacific Place mall in the capital of Jakarta. A half-price discount on the $540 phone probably seemed like a good marketing strategy, but once it sold out, the remaining crowd of 3,000 went berserk. Several people fainted, but thankfully hundreds of police were already in place to quell the riot. Turns out this sort of thing is expected when RIM comes to town. Read the entire story [Toronto Star] »

  • Jenny

    Poor Marketing on RIM, 3000 extra phones is all they needed. Shame on you for not being ready for this event. Those phones are only made a few hours away in China.

  • Jenny, you retard

    people like you are always so quick to point a finger, there isn’t always a need to blame you freaking twat.

  • rabit

    Shame on Rim to have to do this for exposure.

    It’s important for everyone to understand, in indonesia mass of people will always line up for everything discounted 50%.

    no queue or line had ever happen had it not been discounted 50%. please dont compare this with iphone launch. they dont need 50% off to have people lined up.

    Selling limited number of phone for big discounts in a mall is simply for marketing sensation. Many buy those just foe a quick profit to resell those phone back.

    Pathetic and pityful

  • siampudan

    I’m Indonesian… and believe me, the crowd is NOT there because of the device itself… BUT because its HALF PRICE ! If they got it, they will sell it on the buy-sell forum thus making some “easy” quick cash. So RIM… please don’t make this as free advertising to show the world that BB is still desirable gadget or even had diehard fans like some “igadget” have.

  • NotATechnoGeek

    Look at numbers, Outside of North America most ppl use Blackberry’s. Iphone and similar(very Similar) products are used mainly and largely in N.America.

    Look at numbers they don’t lie. I lived in Italy when the Iphone first came out the hype was 5ppl in the line in the morning to get it.

    Just Sayn…