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Watch a ridiculously optimistic video of a new water park proposed for Toronto

A company called MarbleLive announced today that it’s hoping to build a new indoor-outdoor water park in Toronto by fall of 2016—this despite the fact that it has neither a location nor city approval. What MarbleLive does have is a website, and also the above two-minute video of computer-generated interiors intercut with b-roll of people having fun at water parks that actually exist, all set to the type of music airline call centres play when they put people on hold.

We’re sure MarbleLive has every intention of building a spectacular, well-run theme park, but forgive us if the notion of spending $60 million to create a year-round version of Ontario Place (which closed for a reason, after all) invites a little skepticism.

Toronto already has nature’s water park: a big lake. Admittedly, nature doesn’t provide water slides.

  • Laura Godfrey

    But Lake Ontario isn’t available to swim in 365 days a year, as this theme park would be! Also a wave pool, lazy river, a sandy beach… I really really want to believe in this magical theme park of eternal summer.

  • Carl

    I agree. Let us step aside from negativity …let’s look toward the future. For the kids, give them some fun opportunity…it will also provide much needed jobs and much needed revenue. We have had almost next to none job creation for a while…this is certainly a Win Win option!

  • phatclub

    It’s exactly what Toronto needs! Especially during winter! Attach 2-3 hotels to it & voila! A great new resort in Toronto!

  • citizenontherun

    Looks nice, hopefully they build near/in Toronto. No way in hell I’m going out side the GTA for this.

  • Shirley Hutchison

    As much as anyone else I would love to see something like this year round in Toronto however would the crown be selling another Piece of Toronto to a private investor. Not so much n the side of that if it is Ontario Place, Here are some up dates for Pkans for Ontario Place

  • Candi Woodeuff

    This is all true above. With Toronto and Mississaga’s traffic conjestions this will add even more to it. What about all those parking spots needed if one is to comfortably and frequently use it. If you are charged more than $5 to park or a $6 round trip TTC fare it is not worth it. How about North York Region concider it built here, maybe East Guilliambury? Too many things still to consider.

  • Carlo Timpano

    I have a very hard time believing that this will be constructed for $60M and attract 500K visitors/year. By means of comparison, there are only 3 water parks outside of DisneyWorld, globally, which see more than 500K visitors/year (

    Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll see the money to build the thing … but fingers crossed, my nieces and nephew would love it…