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Watch a ridiculously optimistic video of a new water park proposed for Toronto

A company called MarbleLive announced today that it’s hoping to build a new indoor-outdoor water park in Toronto by fall of 2016—this despite the fact that it has neither a location nor city approval. What MarbleLive does have is a website, and also the above two-minute video of computer-generated interiors intercut with b-roll of people having fun at water parks that actually exist, all set to the type of music airline call centres play when they put people on hold.

We’re sure MarbleLive has every intention of building a spectacular, well-run theme park, but forgive us if the notion of spending $60 million to create a year-round version of Ontario Place (which closed for a reason, after all) invites a little skepticism.

Toronto already has nature’s water park: a big lake. Admittedly, nature doesn’t provide water slides.