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The PM’s wife is introducing a festival of cat videos at the TIFF Bell Lightbox

(Image: Laureen Harper: Brangwyn Jones)

(Image: Laureen Harper: Brangwyn Jones)

The federal Tories have tipped their hand. The next election is going to about one thing and one thing only: kitties. Or maybe it will be about Stephen Harper’s wife, Laureen. Or maybe both. We’re not sure.

What else can one make of the news that Laureen Harper will be introducing the Toronto edition of Just for Cats, a film festival devoted to internet cat videos? Even the festival’s promotional materials don’t provide much in the way explanation, except to say that Ms. Harper is a “cat foster-mom and volunteer for Humane Societies across the country.”

We know the Harper family loves its furry pets, and the festival is a fundraiser for the Canadian Federation of Human Societies—both excellent reasons for a public figure to attach her name to an event. Even so, the notion of the spouse of a head of state sharing a stage with Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat is a lot to handle.

The Toronto edition of the festival takes place on April 17.

  • Dianna Donnelly

    Yes … I hear Laureen really likes pussy cats.

  • Bruce Borowski

    trivial things amuse trivial minds

  • Kathlay’N Morgaret

    I love pussy cats you should see my bathroom walls 20 framed pictures of these furry beasts.I have tons of allergies so no live ones sad to say.Good luck LAUREEN enjoy yourself we will be watching!!!!!!!!1

  • John Fahey

    Harper is not “head of state” – that’s the Governer-General representing the Queen. He is “head of government”.

  • darlingsapphire

    Does this mean Laureen and her husband Harper are going to give animals their rights as
    we humans (who destroy the planet and people) have. That’ll be the frosty Friday morning, as there are no Godly people in government, or are there??????????????????????????
    Seems like the only Godly people are the animals who do nothing wrong to this planet but
    just live peacefully among their own kind….such wonderful living beings, I just love learning
    from them. They are the masters of proper protocol of life on this planet.