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PHOTO: anatomy of an amazing Toronto Sun cover

(Image: Courtesy of

(Image: Courtesy of

1. Nailed it.

2. The Sun may not always be journalistically upstanding, but it has some of the best Photoshop artists in the biz. How many pictures of Rob Ford making frowny faces do you have to sort through before you find the one that melds seamlessly with Mel Gibson’s body? Also: A-plus pun.

3. And a priceless Doug Ford quote that completely accounts for the pun and the ridiculous photo. Bravo, Sun. For the sake of your covers alone, we hope Quebecor doesn’t lay off the rest of you.

  • Miley hater

    Bravo Toronto Sun….it suits their Neanderthal antics completely!

  • YouMissedThePoint

    What do you mean by “Neanderthal antics” and as for not being “journalistically upstanding” I’d like some examples there, too. It seems we’ve hit a rut induced by intellectual laziness that lumps certain media organizations into certain stereotypes defined by our high school English teachers. For every journalistically questionable move made by the Sun, there are equally questionable moves made by the Globe and the Star — they just happen to bend the rules to suit your adopted ideology.

  • user xyyyz

    Fords and their Nation: all war all the time. Suburban vs urban; councillors vs Fords; subways vs affordable transit; lies vs truth it’s endless with those two. They needed a another punching bag since Blair has handed over the Traveller file. So it’s them vs the world now! A pair of lazy, childish, immature, self promoting, self centred, silver spoon politicians. Pretending to be a pair of “Cadillac driving average guys”, the hypocrisy never ends with the Fords.

  • blonny

    Anybody who has every opened photoshop will know that tabloids in fact sport the worst, lamest photoshop artists in the biz. Also the Ford’s are done and we all can’t wait to hear what they have to say about their BS after the election. When they have no seat. And no soap box. And nobody cares what they say.

  • Mike Mikelson

    Are we ignoring the fact that the people “coming over the hill” were the English, it was the Celts that stood their ground. The English got slaughtered. Did Doug really say he was the ones coming into the ambush and about to be slaughtered?