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Videos: watch Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno weigh in on the Rob Ford crack allegations

Rob Ford has studiously avoided addressing his alleged proclivity for smoking crack for four days, though pundits, councillors and premier Kathleen Wynne (plus ex-jailbird Conrad Black) are all still asking for a more thorough response than the one he gave Friday. However, Ford’s refusal to speak didn’t seem to bother late-night hosts Jon Stewart, Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel, all of whom riffed on the story—Kimmel even found a creative way to get an interview with the mayor. See the rest of the videos below.

• On Jimmy Kimmel Live, (above) Kimmel conducted an exclusive interview with “Rob Ford” as interpreted by by Parks & Recreation actor Jim O’Heir. Kimmel and O’Heir also created their own version of the infamous video, in which O’Heir dances like a maniac at a “crack party” attended by a Canadian flag-waving moose.

•On The Daily Show (below), Stewart used the opportunity to replay clips of Ford’s past embarrassments, and rebuffed Doug Holday’s suggestion that faking a video would be easy. (“Photos can easily be doctored. But videos? That’s some some James Cameron sh-t.”) He finished the segment with a report from Jason Jones and Samantha Bee “on location” in Toronto.

• Jay Leno also mentioned Ford on Monday’s Tonight Show, joking that if the allegations are true, at least Ford would still be qualified to be the mayor of Washington, D.C.