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Toronto vs. Chicago: which city reigns supreme?

Ever since Rob Ford announced his plans to go to Chicago on a rare official visit, there has been a rash of earnest comparisons between the sister cities. Check out our three not-so-earnest versions, which we first published back in June:

The DishThe HypeThe Informer Toronto vs. Chicago

(Images: Toronto skyline by Leander Canaris; Chicago skyline by Bryce Edwards; Rob Ford by West Annex News; Rahm Emanuel by Juggernautco; Austra by Peter Tea; Kanye West by SOCIALisBETTER; Food truck by Jen Chan; Deep dish by Musicisentropy; Wrigley Field sign by Ron Cogswell)

  • Jay

    Terrible article. Toronto Life epitomizes the insecurity of everything Toronto. Toronto is a good town for sure but Chi-town is on another level. To suggest otherwise is just ignorant or reality.

  • Guest

    ….Oslo, Copenhagen, and Stockholm are the Top countries with best quality of life and highest standard of living on earth….and they do not have Las Vegas, Hollywood, or the Magnificent Mile…….nor they have the social problems, the inequalities, and the high crime rate related to guns like Chicago…..
    It is the Quality of Life and not the beautiful Michigan Lake Shore and the Sears Tower that counts…..I would definitely pick Toronto and its underdeveloped Lake Shore….!

  • da Boss

    Notable Toronto features: -the CN tower (way taller than the shitty, 2nd class Sears tower) 5th in the world, 1st in north america
    -Lake Ontario is cleaner and deeper than lake Michigan.
    -Our population is slightly larger
    -the rate of growth in toronto is larger than that of Chicago. In fact, since 2000 chicagos population has declined by 7%.
    -the culture of toronto is rich, diverse and welcoming
    Notable Chicago features: -they had a nice theater scene about 4000 years ago
    -Al bundy is still my favourite 80s-90s sitcom character
    -chicago only has about 400 more murders per year than toronto, thats not so bad for an American city, right?

  • da Boss

    lol Chicago is such a joke. You want to talk about insecurity? Don’t make me bring up New York. They’ve been whooping your asses in just about everything for the last century. And please build something a little bit more interesting. Even the taliban thought the Sears tower wasn’t worth the trouble

  • neverevenheardofit

    Another level? If another level involves insular people from the Midwest. Toronto draws people from all over the World.