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Toronto wants to snag some of New York City’s tourists

Councillor Michael Thompson wants to co-promote New York and Toronto in order to get tourists to visit both cities in tandem (think of it as an “I Heart NY…also, TO” campaign). And though Toronto undoubtedly stands to gain more from the partnership, reps from NYC and Company, the city’s official marketing and tourism organization, haven’t dismissed the idea. Thompson was recently in the Big Apple for four days, and he said the agency seemed enthusiastic, though its spokeswoman told reporters there wasn’t much to say about the proposal since it’s still early. (New York City has committed to such partnerships before—it did a cross-promotion deal with Seoul, South Korea last year.) Here’s hoping those NYC and Company execs have been paying attention to all the recent praise for Toronto in their local paper. [National Post]

(Images: CN Tower, Ian Scott; Statue of Liberty, Mark Heard)