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QUOTED: a Toronto yoga practitioner on his harrowing confrontation with a coyote

(Image: Amy Guth)

I’m of the Jaws generation. I’m terrified of being eaten alive … I was just screaming “Coyote, coyote!”

—Toronto resident Bruce Walsh, on his reaction to seeing a coyote charging at him during his daily evening yoga practice in Riverdale Park (it eventually ran away). The furry beasts have long been common in the GTA, but there has been an uptick in sightings of late—something that’s probably not due to increasing population, but rather a few bold beasts who have become comfortable being spotted in daylight. If a coyote approaches during your sun salutations, best to follow Walsh’s lead and scream for your life make loud noises to show the animal who’s top-dog (so to speak). [Toronto Star]