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Richard Florida thinks Ottawa (along with five other Canadian cities) is more creative than Toronto

(Image: Ed Schipul)

In honour of its tenth anniversary, urbanist and adopted Torontonian Richard Florida is releasing a new edition of The Rise of the Creative Class (imaginatively titled The Rise of the Creative Class—Revisited). As far as we can tell, the reboot has more hipster glasses on the front cover and some new numbers on Florida’s much-beloved creative workforce—among them a ranking of Canada’s most creative cities based on his “3Ts” of economic development: technology, talent, and tolerance. Ottawa, that hub of bureaucracy, won the title of the most creative city in the country, while Toronto languishes in the seventh spot, behind Victoria, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City and Calgary. We’re a little disappointed that Hogtown fared so poorly, but given the sheer volume of available (and outlandish) city rankings, we’re not taking any one of them too seriously—even if Florida is the man behind it. [Huffington Post]