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QUOTED: Giorgio Mammoliti pushes for the death penalty after Eaton Centre shooting

(Image: Christopher Drost)

—Giorgio Mammoliti, on why Canada should start handing out death penalties in response to two terrible, highly publicized and very different crimes: the Eaton Centre shooting and the Montreal murder and dismemberment allegedly committed by Luka Rocco Magnotta. Pointing out that the perpetrators “don’t have any morals,” Mammo said execution would be a fitting end for murderers, cop killers and pedophiles—though, as a city councillor, his opinion has no influence over the federal policy on capital punishment. Horrible crimes usually spark tough-on-crime rhetoric from politicians, but Mammoliti has outdone most by advocating for a justice system that looks a lot less like Canada and a lot more like Texas. [Toronto Sun]

  • Elmo

    He should leave city council to pursue that.

  • KPet

    How about our genius of City Hall take a look at crime stats in Texas first. But I agree with Elmo, he should take A LOT of time to do this research. Maybe move to Texas as well.

  • impeachford

    yes giorgio, thank god horrific crime never existed while we had the death penalty (until 1976-though the last execution was in 1962). maybe ask steven truscott what he thinks….

  • Joe Posts

    Councillor Mammoliti may be bloviating as usual, but Prime Minister Mammoliti could actually reinstate state execution. Finally we will be able to put all the pedos and communists and murderers and cyclists to death.

  • lumps-in-my-gravy

    Pop-up Giorgio,

    But, then again, he is the poster-boy of knee-jerk reactions on high profile issues, actually on most issues, for that matter. Thanks to the gawds for the fact that he is a councillor and not Mayor. Although we can’t get much worst than the incompetant Rob Ford.

  • Welshgrrl

    Mammo makes Ford like like Noah Chomsky in comparison

  • Dave Parkinson

    The Eaton centre shooter turned himself in. If the shooter was facing the death penalty he wouldn’t have turned himself in and we would still have a suspect at large.

    As for Magnotta, no E.U. member will extradite to death penalty jurisdictions, so he would remain in limbo facing years of extradition proceedings, only to be resolved once Germany was given assurances no death penalty would be sought in the case.

    Toronto is also an annual sponsor of the international “Cities for Life” campaign to abolish capital punishment worldwide that takes place at St. James Cathedral every year on November 30, with cities all around the globe to oppose the death penalty.

    Mammoliti FAIL.

  • Mammolitihater

    What an idiot this man is. Everytime he opens his mouth he says something more ridiculous than the last time. Maybe the government should look into forced sterilization of the people in Ward 7 who keep voting for this buffoon.

  • Henry Corbusier

    12 Angry Men

    Which one is he?

  • Super Mario

    Italian men tend to eat a higher proportion of cure dmeat and sausages. Every so often their bodies expel a red cloud of excess NO2 buildup.

    This is Giorgio’s story.

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