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QUOTED: hotelier Steve Gupta on why tourists get bored in Toronto

We haven’t built a big attraction in Toronto since the CN Tower, and how would you expect India or China tourism to come and stay here? After a day or two, there’s nothing.

—Steve Gupta, CEO of Ontario hotel chain Easton’s Group, both explaining why he supports a downtown mega-casino and demonstrating a depressing lack of enthusiasm for Toronto’s tourism options. That’s just the kind of Toronto-bashing that U of T president David Naylor is tired of hearing—here’s hoping for a rebuttal (or, barring that, another confidence-boosting vid from The Grid’s Edward Keenan). [National Post]

  • Susan

    I’ve been in Toronto many times as a tourist.Each time I was there for a month and NEVER got bored. There are so many interesting neighborhoods to explore that I’ve walked around, not to mention the wonderful shopping. A great city with no need for a casino.

  • Lje

    Yaay Susan! I agree with you, but I live here.

  • Brad

    Toronto has a huge aquarium being built. That’ll be cool to visit. I’m open to a Casino as well, for those who want to part with their money, do it here in Toronto. Why not?

    Toronto should create a massive self sustaining indoor park with it’s own lake for those cold Winter days. For example, turn the whole Downsview park into an Huge Indoor park. Make it into something the world never has seen , ever.

  • Charles

    Toronto is a very fun City as it is. Very well known internationally and adding a casino will not bring tourist to Toronto. Sounds like this hotelier wants a casino so the tourist can stay at his hotel. Toronto is just fine – probably the best City in the World.

  • New Yorker

    Charles – Toronto is NOT the best city in the world.