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Republican mayor Greg Davis outs himself at a Toronto gay sex shop

Republic mayor Greg Davis (Image: G W Bush)

While there’s no easy way for a family-values Republican to come out of the closet, getting caught spending taxpayer dollars on a trip to “Canada’s premier gay lifestyle store and sex shop” probably isn’t how most would want to do it. Mayor Greg Davis of Southaven, Mississippi, was forced to come clean Thursday after a Memphis newspaper confirmed that he charged the city for a whole slew of personal stuff, including $170,000 worth of liquor and expensive dinners and, yes, $67 for unnamed merchandise at Priape in Toronto’s Church-Wellesley Village.

Of course, according to his website, Davis “and his wife of 19 years, Suzann, are the proud parents of three young girls and are active members of Heartland Baptist Church.” He also ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2008—you can see him rail against “politicians who’ve abused our tax dollars” here and explain how he will be “a good steward of your money” here. Naturally, the political hypocrisy is rich—but we can’t get over Davis’s claim that he doesn’t remember what he bought at Priape. Come on now, mister mayor; you never forget what you buy there.

Southhaven’s Mayor Greg Davis’ expense receipts prompt frank revelation [The Commercial Appeal]