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Toronto Sun and Doug Holyday leading the charge to oust Occupy Toronto protesters from St. James Park

Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday has heard from people—both local residents and people who work in the area (oh my!)—who want Occupy Toronto protesters booted out of St. James Park. Of course, Holyday isn’t exactly a downtown councillor, and the protest isn’t even close to taking place in his ward. Meanwhile, the Toronto Sun’s editorial board is also calling for protesters to leave the park, and warning readers that “Aboriginal militants” (um, what?) are involved in the occupation. Now, what’s remarkable about all this (aside from the blatant racism) is that the Sun offers its unwavering support to Mayor Rob Ford in his quest for cuts, but then suddenly become defenders of public space as soon as it’s—ahem—occupied by a group with whom they disagree. Read the entire story [Toronto Sun] »