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Sun columnist to Margaret Atwood: stay out of the debate on Toronto’s finances (or be labelled a dog)

In most recent column, Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy says that unless Margaret Atwood has a solution to balance the city’s books, she should stay out of the debate. Although Levy spends a fair bit of time with her foot in her mouth, we can appreciate her desire for constructive ideas in the ongoing debate on the state of Toronto’s finances (although that’s a pretty generous reading of her words). But we also have to question Levy’s sincerity. After all, she’s given Atwood the nickname “La Poodle” (she insists she’s “affectionately” bestowed the moniker onto the “prolific” author). Our question to Ms. Levy: should you really be giving people communication advice when you compare them to a dog? Read the entire story [Toronto Sun] »

  • ah123

    Headline! “Two-bit lesbian columnist tells famous author: ‘Bi-atch, stay out of money talk!’”

  • Alex

    See, here’s the thing Sue-Ann: if Atwood, a regular citizen like yourself (in terms of politics), has no right to voice her opinion regarding political matters, then… well, neither do you. Because she’s just as entitled to an opinion and its expression as you are. That’s sort of how that whole “freedom of speech” thing that you libertarians are always screeching about works. Or does “freedom of speech” only apply to people who agree with you?

  • Don’t Insult Our Cultural Leaders

    To keep it balanced, we can call Ms. Levy The Rabid Animal.