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Glass continues to rain down on Toronto’s streets, and injures someone in the process (luckily, not a movie star—yet)

The strange thing is that it’s no longer news when a pane of glass falls from a condo tower onto downtown Toronto streets. But what is news is that yesterday the falling glass finally claimed its first casualty, injuring (luckily, not seriously) a woman who took the inexplicable risk of walking on the sidewalk. This, of course, is just the kind of thing Toronto needs as it gears up for an annual event of some consequence—the Toronto International Film Festival. Nothing like adding to the excitement by making the assembled glitterati dodge a rainstorm of falling glass, right? Alternatively, the city could actually get serious about fixing this mess before somebody gets seriously hurt. Read the entire story [National Post] »

  • Disgusted

    “luckily, not a movie star” – I can barely express how disgusting I find it for Toronto Life to demean the experience of a resident of this city because she was not “a movie star”. Nice.

  • Peter

    I echo the sentiments voiced by “Disgusted”. Wow. What a headline. So a resident being injured by falling glass is “lucky” by virtue of the fact that she isn’t a movie star? John McGrath, you need to wake up and get some perspective in your life. Or you need to learn how to write a proper headline.

  • Holly

    By describing it as a “casualty,” aren’t you implying she died or was severely injured? Her injuries were not considered serious.

  • Chadhu

    Has anyone explored the origin of manufacture for these windows? I wonder if it’s another example of China cutting corners!

  • G.

    Disgusted/Peter – Recognize IRONY when you read it, fools. Just… clutching your faux pearls.

  • george

    The glass was manufactured in US, but you can still blame China.