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Apparently, Queen’s Park doesn’t hold a grudge—Joe Pantalone lands a spot at Waterfront Toronto

Welcome to Waterfront Toronto, Mr. Pantalone (Image: Shaun Merritt)

Turns out it isn’t necessary to run for a seat under Dalton McGuintys banner to wash away the bad taste left over from the 2010 Toronto mayoral election. Sure, it worked for Sarah Thomson (who’s in the Liberals’ good books for endorsing George Smitherman). But it seems bygones are all bygones now. Case in point: Joe Pantalone, who spent the last third of his campaign calling both Smitherman and Rob Ford “mini Mike Harrises,” has been appointed to a position on the Waterfront Toronto board.

Quoth the Toronto Star:

Pantalone said he applied for the appointment and received a letter of congratulations from Premier Dalton McGuinty last week.

The former deputy mayor noted that he has a long history with Toronto’s shoreline, including chairing the board of Exhibition Place.

Ford and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, have in recent weeks been harshly critical of the agency launched in 2001, with $500 million from each government, to revitalize Toronto’s shoreline.

At first we thought this was just another example of McGuinty’s willingness to work with anyone—like, say, his appointment of Julian Fantino to head the OPP. Then we considered that perhaps this was McGuinty’s way of annoying the brothers Ford. But now we’re thinking maybe this is the Liberals exacting revenge on Pantalone after all. Letting the city council veteran watch from the front row as the Fords attack Waterfront Toronto’s work can’t exactly be Pantalone’s definition of a good time. Of course, he did sign up to run for mayor only to watch his nemesis win it in a walk, so maybe this is how the grizzled veteran of the left relaxes.

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