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The List: actress Megan Follows tells us the 10 things she can’t live without

The former star of Anne of Green Gables has a lead role in the hit period soap Reign, and directed her first play, Nightwood Theatre’s production of The Carousel, this spring

The List: Megan Follows tells us the 10 things she can't live without

1 | My old lady glasses
I can no longer read my scripts without them. If I have to succumb to wearing readers, at least I can like the way they look, so I got a pair with a professional air.

2 | My regular rubdown
I love a strong massage. I was recently on vacation in Istanbul and went to the Turkish baths with my daughter, Lyla. They do it right: they bathe you, lay you on a hot stone, scrub you, blanket you in bubbles and exfoliate 20 years off you. The large, full-breasted Turkish women are like the grandmothers you never had.

3 | My Kindle
I have a terrible habit of reading half a book, putting it down and forgetting where I left it. With the ­Kindle, I actually manage to finish the books I start. I just read Michael Crummey’s novel Galore, which I loved.

4 | My early-morning lifeline
It takes nearly two hours to do my makeup and wig for Reign, so my call times are sometimes 4 or 5 in the morning. Coffee from my Nespresso machine is the only caffeine available at that hour. It’s also damn good.

5 | My stolen bangle
I took a silver bracelet from my older sister, Samantha, when I was 14 and have worn it every day since. Her first boyfriend made it for her. After he was out of the picture, I managed to snag it. She still thinks of it as hers even though I’ve had it for decades.

The List: Megan Follows tells us the 10 things she can't live without

6 | My cocktail of choice
Bourbon and ginger ale with a squeeze of lime has been my drink forever. My favourite bourbon is Basil Hayden’s. But I can’t over­indulge when I’m filming, because I have to put my face in front of the camera.

7 | My comedic idols
I need at least one good laugh every day. Right now I’m loving the HBO series Getting On, which is simultaneously funny and poignant. I’m a Nurse Jackie fan, too.

8 | My cameras
I’ve had my 1961 ­Rolleiflex for 25 years. Lately, though, I’ve been taking my Canon G15 with me everywhere. I still love film, but it’s hard to beat the immediacy of digital. I’m always seeing something I want to capture: people, cityscapes, a crack in a building, a piece of ice in the lake.

9 | My fitness app
I hate the treadmill. Instead, I power walk with my best friend for an hour and a half at least twice a week. Exploring the city distracts me from the fact that I’m exercising. The MapMyWalk app tells me how many kilometres we’ve walked and how many calories we’ve burned.

10 | My cowboy boots
They kick ass. I found them in a vintage store in Santa Fe and I get the feeling that somebody was dancing around the rodeo in them. They definitely had a life before me.

  • Kenneth G. Ransom

    I can certainly appreciate #8.

  • Caterina Cacciacarro

    She came into my work last Monday and I was able to get her autograph. Love her!!

  • Kimber Lynn

    Love Megan Follows!

  • Pama Bennett

    Love you, Megan! Thanks for sharing!

  • wrwdgw

    you are so adored, glad to see you on shows again… love Reign and knew it was that anne girl….lol….. would love some more wholesome movies…. so family oriented and so pure, which are hard to find now-a-days…. keep up the good work!

  • Angela Rice

    It is nice to see an intelligent thoughtful actress on the screen today.

  • Beawild

    Charming woman and a good actress. I’m enjoying her portrayal of Catherine de Medici on Reign.

  • MiaSara

    Lucky you!! I’m jealous!