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Where have all of Toronto’s editors-in-chief gone?

Toronto newspapers have lost two editors-in-chief in the past two days: first John Stackhouse at the Globe, and then, on Thurday, Stephen Meurice at the Post. Meurice had been in the position since 2010, and his employment at the paper went all the way back to its founding in 1998. According to the Globe, his interim replacement will be Gerry Nott, a Postmedia senior vice-president.

Add the Toronto Sun’s James Wallace to the mix (he stepped down over the summer) and that’s turnover at every major Toronto daily except the Star, where Michael Cooke shows no signs of fatigue. Even the Canadian Press lost an editor-in-chief recently: Scott White left the organization earlier this month.

Our theory is that they’re all congregating on an island somewhere, Atlas Shrugged-style, waiting for society to beg them to return so they can restore print media to its former glory. On this island everyone gets home delivery and all the paywalls are profitable.

(Actually, James Wallace is at Postmedia, but that could just be a cover story.)