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GALLERY: 23 heart-meltingly cute dogs at Winter Woofstock

On the weekend, we headed to Exhibition Place to ogle the puppies at the third Winter Woofstock festival. While there were plenty of dogs just there for a sniff-around—and to make sure their owners bought enough treats and toys for stocking stuffers—others were there to model some creative costumes. We loved, for instance, a dachshund disguised as a pile of leaves, a chubby Chicago Bull and one scrappy puppy anxious to escape his dinosaur get-up. We also spotted several holiday-themed ensembles, including a tiny Santa, several elves and not one but two handsome pooches looking dapper in scarves. We imagine the only ones not enthralled were the cleaning stuff, who were kept busy mopping up accidents.

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  • Ellen

    How cute are these dogs! Dog in picture 4 in particular is very cute.

  • Nicki

    Where can I get that pile of leaves! My sister’s daschund needs that immediately. Hilarious! Also, dog #8 has the best face I’ve seen in years. Any guesses what went into that mix? I’m starting with Shar Pe (pardon the spelling).

  • hilda

    you missed the best one of all, the green dyed dog with the lights :)

  • Jenna

    This event was very poor. The room was cramped and dark with no windows (most of these great shots were taken in the lobby). It was crowded and poorly organized. There was no seating around the stage or show area and people crowded the stage so unless you were pressed up againtst the stage you couldn’t even see what was happening on it. During the shows they played loud and annoying music so you couldn’t hear the announcer. What a waste of money. Those poor dogs looked not too happy about the crowded place. Hope the organizers can rethink things for next year – including the venue.