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Conrad Black’s best lines from his BBC interview with “a priggish, gullible British fool”

Whether he’s leveling his verbiage at Occupy protesters or hearkening for the good ol’ days of the Empire, Conrad Black always delivers syllable upon relentless syllable in a manner befitting…well, in a manner befitting a Lord. On his first visit to Britain since his release from a Miami prison, BBC news anchor Jeremy Paxman grilled Lord Black of Crossharbour (the interview begins at the 4:10 mark). Paxman riled up Black, drawing out some of his best material in ages, including insults, implied threats and talk of vomit. We’ve rounded up the most outrageous lines below.

• “Will you stop this bourgeois priggishness?”

• “I put myself in the camp of Henry David Thoreau…”

• “That was a completely fallacious judgment that was, in fact, absolutely defied by the jurors.”

• “You’re a priggish, gullible, British, fool who takes seriously this ghastly American justice system that any sane English person knows is an outrage!”

• “Let me tell you something: I am proud of having gone through the terribly difficult process… and actually being able to endure discussion like this without getting up and smashing your face in!”

• “The whole system is a fraudulent, fascistic conveyor belt to their corrupt prison system.”

• “That is what you’re waxing so sanctimonious about.”

• “Oh God, I’m going to throw up.”

• “I want to disabuse any of your viewers of the idea that I think I’m always right.”

  • Chris

    And this is the man our government seems so keen to bend over backwards to accommodate? He is easily the most overstuffed obnoxious blowhard public life. Everything about him is pretensious, down to the manner in which he speaks, and the words he chooses. He’s as much of a blustery buffoon as Trump – he just hides it better with a more impressive vocabulary. Why there are people who think this man who renounced his Canadian citizenship in a fit of pique so he can sit on the House of Lords has anything of value to add to Canadian socieity is beyond me. Even in this interview, he manages to slag Canada – its clear he’s only here out of convenience and would run back to the UK in a heartbeat if they’d have him. Praising this fool just makes us look so colonial.

    And by the way – Connie? Yes, you are a criminal, whether you believe it or not.

  • Suzy

    Chris——–> you ROCK! and said it so well… Conrad Black : Convited criminal and jail bird!

  • Canadian

    I am very pleased with the author, Gregory, with this article that again presents Conrad Black as the person he is. A convicted criminal in a Bespoke suit who is trying to get back at the so called media Empire he used as his personal bank account. He stole money from investors. He was proven guilty, and was convicted. End of story.

    A question I have always had is who at the National Post thought it would be a good idea to print his drivel while he was in prison?

    Even though Mr. Black has an incredible ability to garner some media attention, I believe it is now up to the media to walk away from him so that he falls into an abyss of ether where all of his complaining and posturing falls on deaf ears.

    Like a Bully, the best way for them to go away is to simply ignore them.

    So I turn to the Media Community, we leave it to you to make the decision to stop writing about this National Embarrassment.

  • f. carter

    Conrad black seems to be a brilliant man, I love the way he manipulates the English language, and the flip side is:

    For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the …
    Because in much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain. King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) For in much wisdom is …

  • chutny

    For all the things said about Conrad Black, I am sure most of them are fitting.It is what he said about the corrupt privatized prison system that I am sure is quite true and justified for him to discuss as he was in it.I wonder if this is the same private prison system soon to come this way.

  • Henry B

    Conrad Black said it like it is. The American prosecutorial and prison system is a disgrace to the high principles America claims to uphold. Paxman looked like an arrogant priggish fool and deserved being admonished.
    Black should be applauded for the way he handled the injustices he had to deal with the last few years.

  • Tony Humble

    I have a feeling that history will judge the US “Justice” system to be the corrupt abomination that Lord Black personally experienced and so eloquently laid bare in his book “A Matter of Principle”. As I said in a letter of support to him, as a successful UK born Canadian entrepreneur and business owner I cannot conceive of ever doing business of any importance in the US knowing that all it takes to ruin a reputation that took decades to build is a vindictive business adversary teamed up with an ambitious and over-zealous prosecutor (misguidance doesn’t seem to affect the outcome).
    The facts in the book scream out to be read, understood and internalized by every citizen of Canada, the UK and the US. They are truly, truly scary.
    Having said that, if there is indeed any “justice” in that crumbling Empire, Lord Black will be exonerated. I’ll do what I can to support him in that effort. There is a lot more at stake than just his reputation – much, much more.

  • KingofthePaupers

    Jct: The most infamous Carleton University graduate to be branded a convicted criminal used to be “Great Canadian Gambler” but not any more. Of course, John Turmel convicted of winning big is less noteworthy than Conrad Black convicted of stealing big.

  • boris moris

    Last week Felonious Bunk, aka: Hiz Lardshop, was the guest of “honour” at a party in Mayfair thrown by his publisher.

    As reported by The Daily Mail:

    “The guest list could hardly have been more impressive.
    Invitations had been sent to London Mayor Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary William Hague, supermodel Elle Macpherson, Liz Hurley and Princess Margaret’s son Lord Linley.
    Sadly, not one of these A-list celebrities turned out for the party this week for Conrad Black”

    These people aren’t fools. They’ve done their research and know that Black has been a(n alleged) thief and liar since he was in school. Positively pathological is our dreary Lardshop.

    Of course Black can always count on the support of unindicted alleged criminals Mulroney, Kissinger and the Roman Poop. With friends like that who needs to consider Satan worship as an ersatz form of spirituality.