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Party Pages: The Worthy 30, where people weren’t afraid to run their mouths about pretty young things

The National Post’s Worthy 30 list came out in late June, but the celebration for the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes took place last night at furniture shop Studio B, where the Grey Goose was plentiful and the air conditioner was cranked to its highest possible setting (we were deeply relieved, as it was stifling outside). The event almost felt like a graduation party: the now-pregnant Holt Renfrew publicist Jennifer Daubney, one of last year’s inductees, told Fashion magazine’s Randi Bergman that she’s “passing the baton.” But guests seemed curious about what, if anything, the W30 title actually entails. As far as we can discern, it’s the National Post’s way of congratulating the hard work of men and women who are contributing members of Toronto society (and are, for the most part, young and somewhat attractive).

Check out the party last night for the Worthy 30 »

While celebratory, the event seemed rife with under-the-surface cattiness: there was wonder at how Sarah Gadon was referred to as a mere  “side dish” who was “just getting started,” and chatter about how exactly Bergman should feel given her description by head judge Shinan Govani (he gave the young editor a backhanded compliment). And while young entrant Jen Kirsch (a relationship blogger) was Govani’s prized pick (he joyously remarked at the end of the night, “we need to make her a name by the fall”), the room seemed divided on the matter, with one guest commenting, “what does a 20-something know about giving relationship advice?” But, amidst the barbs, there were also some sweet moments: W30 recipient Braden Rosner showed up with a dapper entourage, shyly accepting praise from well-wishers, while model and industrial designer Jano Badovinac toured the grounds giving out his famous hugs (we’d like to award him with being the most down-to-earth person to ever receive the title of Worthy 30). Other guests kept mostly to themselves: we spotted fashion designer Amanda Lew Kee keeping an unusually low profile, spending most of her time chatting up Roots co-founder Michael Budman. And, in case you were wondering, Wayne and Garth were not in attendance.