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Conrad Black (armed with lawyers, of course) fights to keep his Order of Canada

(Image: United States Marshals Service)

Post-incarceration, Conrad Black has turned his love of litigious matters into a hobby. The most recent fight for the “oppressed” baron started last year, when Black learned that his pesky conviction for fraud meant he could lose his Order of Canada (and you know he doesn’t want to stop wearing that cool Order of Canada pin). Now Black is taking the council reviewing his membership to court because he wants them to hear him out in person—according to his lawyers, Black’s case is too complex to be sussed out through written arguments. If Black, a noted and long-winded writer, can’t plead his case via text, we’re afraid to imagine how epically wordy his courtroom speeches will be. [Globe and Mail]

  • Cdn

    Who let this goof back into the country so he could abuse Canadians even more?

    Maybe the people in charge of the Odour of Canada will realize what most Canadians already know – that Conrad Black is an unwanted British criminal whose mere presence is divisive.

    Kick him out of the Order and all the way back to his precious House of Lards in London.

    Oh, and someone should investigate whether Black is working in Canada without permission. You can’t tell me that he’s not doing business deals and picking up a little something for his columns.

  • Reg R Dahl

    To whom it may concern-
    I would like to see anyone who feels up to calling C Black a goof- try him out in a debate on any subject!! You LOSE!