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PARTY PAGES: Power Ball, where you will never run out of meat, alcohol or pretty things to look at

A party like the Power Plant gallery fundraiser Power Ball: Quarter-Life Crisis hasn’t happened in Toronto since the Dangerous Method fete at Soho House last TIFF. The celebrity presence may not have been there, but the attitude was the same: old biddies, artists, hipsters, PR gals and banker bros all partied together, taking in unusual art while drinking a lot (a lot) and eating wild bison sandwiches prepared by celebrity chef Marc Thuet in between emergency dance breaks. A party of such esteem isn’t without its boldface names, and we saw Belinda Stronach, writer Victoria Webster, the Globe and Mail’s Gabe Gonda, gossip columnist Shinan Govani, Zoomer’s Suzanne Boyd, artist Rui Amaral, eTalk’s Tanya Kim, designer Jeremy Laing, accessories designer Maryam Keyhani, socialite Jenna Bitove and The Society’s Ashleigh Dempster and Amanda Blakley.

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Soho House Toronto, the Power Plant and Grey Goose threw the exclusive pre-party, where Dragonette performedSamantha Beckerman and She Does the City’s Jen McNeely were among some of the more enthusiastic dancers, with hair flipping and hands flying wildly. Dempster and Blakley were even spotted shaking their tails alongside resident weird-guy-at-the-party, the fantastic model Myles Sexton. But after the champagne ran out, the paella was all consumed and the sponsored Grey Goose made everyone sufficiently sloppy, guests headed over to the gallery to take in the ’90s .GIF room, a talk show with a robot and a variety of projections that often didn’t make sense, but were still fun to look at. Designer Philip Sparks was spotted batting around the outdoor piñatas with his husband, Now’s Andrew Sardone, and within moments, friends of the couple had viciously cracked all of them open, showering candy all over the ground. Alcohol was the candy of choice for the evening, though, so no notables were spotted rushing to the ground to collect thousands of Green Thumbs.