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An update on where Jake Gyllenhaal has been in Toronto (note: he doesn’t mind eating in public)

Jake Gyllenhaal (Image: Lwp Kommunikáció)

What we’re learning about Jake Gyllenhaal’s stay in Toronto is truly unremarkable, but it is no less fascinating because, um, it’s Jake G. Last night, Gyllenhaal sat down to eat at Playa Cabana in the Annex, which he may have arrived at via TTC, because, that’s right, the man uses the same mode of transportation many use to get to work in the morning. Gyllenhaal has been filming An Enemy since early May, and was last spotted shooting around 130 Adelaide St. W. in the Financial District.

  • Raymond Miller

    Wow very cool that he used TTC. I wonder if he got a lot of looks or if he slipped by.

  • Patrick

    Wow! Some guy took the TTC and ate food!

  • peachy

    i bet he didnt whinge about it

  • sabs

    He started filming on the 22nd.
    He jst shot a scene on a st car. He didn’t take it anywhere.

  • Zoltar

    TO Life, oh please tell us when and where he goes to the bathroom….

  • Bailey Corneal

    It’s unfortunate how some people who have posted really need to get a hobby….and well, a life…

  • Jake Watcher

    now get me a pic of his wang and then we;ll have something to talk about!