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Justin Bieber is allegedly a swaggy adult, whatever that means

Few people have encountered the real Justin Bieber, because his public persona has been so finely crafted by his team that he’s constantly representing a “brand” rather than himself. Writer Drew Magary was sent to interview the Biebz by GQ and finally make him a man, but it turns out Bieber would rather buy ludicrous custom automobiles, draw penises on a grease board and say absurd things like “I’m 18 years old and I’m a swaggy adult. Come on, swaggy bros!” (He is a super-rich 18-year-old, after all.) But while it is easy to forgive an 18-year-old for acting like an 18-year-old, this precocious little scamp also has a humongous ego that’s incredibly obnoxious: “I’ve never made a bad song,” he says. (Oh, really, Biebsy?) Read the entire story [GQ] »