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Conrad Black’s post-jail plans: chatting with Peter Mansbridge and shunning beer

(Image: Charles LeBlanc)

Conrad Black is back in Toronto, and so far his plans sound pretty low-key for a baron. In an email to the Globe and Mail, Black wrote that his post-jail life will include updating his book and trying to lose some weight. He’s also trying to sort out a court case with U.S. tax authorities, suing British writer Tom Bower for $2.5 million over Bower’s biography of Black and his wife, Barbara Amiel, and wrapping up a few lingering Hollinger lawsuits. Not on the itinerary: buying back the National Post (which he launched in 1998), entering the newspaper business again or giving interviews to anyone in Canada but Peter Mansbridge. Black also refused the Globe and Mail’s long-standing invitation for a beer in characteristically verbose style: “I only drink the odd glass of wine and am trying to lose weight, so the forum you proposed, though appreciated, is a bit dated after these years that have passed.” [Globe and Mail]

  • Abdalla

    BC Conflict of Interest Commissioner should be adnsesridg the problem of Police investigating police as this is a direct conflict of interest, in your face conflict of interest.I know the RCMP are federally regulated and are not accountable to our lowly provincial officials but somebody in this province accepts their contract. If you want the BC Conflict of Interest Commissioner to conduct business the way the Liberals do and in the fashion that reflects the BC Rail incident, then by all means, pull out the excuses, the smoke screens or legalities to show why they can’t change anythng when it comes to this conflict of interest. We saw what happened to the last commissioner who was appointed at the federal level so it’s highly unlikely it will change at the provincial level but this needs to be pointed out regardless of what inaction comes from it.