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Ryan Gosling saves a woman’s life in New York City—yep, he’s sexy and Batman

Apparently, it’s not enough that Ryan Gosling is preternaturally handsome and makes movies that cause us to weep (whatever, Murder by Numbers was really sad)—no, it seems the great and powerful Goz is now in the business of being a modern-day saviour. First, he broke up a street fight last summer, and now it appears he saved a woman in Manhattan from being hit by a speeding taxi. British writer Laurie Penny tweeted that she looked the wrong way before crossing the street and would’ve been struck by an onrushing cab had Gosling not pulled her out of harm’s way. The news has been picked up by the New York Observer, Jezebel and New York magazine (although it seems all we have to go on right now is this one woman’s tweets). If the story turns out to be true, we fully expect Manhattan’s single ladies and gentlemen to start hurling themselves into traffic en masse (we’re not endorsing this behaviour, but remember when people protested for Gosling outside People magazine’s headquarters?). Also, we’re taking suggestions for alter-egos and aliases for Gotham City’s newest superhero. Naturally, we’re partial to the Almighty Goz.

(Images: Ryan Gosling, Grey Goose Soho House; Taxi, Zitzitoune)