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The Almighty Goz is too good for awards shows (yes, even the Oscars)

Hey girl, I’m busy (Image: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images Entertainment)

He skipped the Golden Globes, and now he’s skipped the Oscars—Ryan Gosling does not care for awards ceremonies anymore. Or at least that’s the impression he’s giving his many fans, who likely lit memorial candles in his absence from last night’s Oscars. Rumour has it he’s still working away on Only God Forgives in Thailand, and Ides of March screenwriter Beau Willimon says that wouldn’t surprise him, as Gosling is a man who “never stops.” But seriously, people need to calm down, because despite his many roles this year, he wasn’t even nominated. We’d choose Thailand too if it meant not having to suffer through actors pretending to be pals over not-witty scripted banter. Ryan Gosling: more than just a pretty face.

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