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Rachel McAdams doesn’t want to talk about Ryan Gosling anymore, okay?

At a press scrum in Los Angeles, handlers for Rachel McAdams were quite clear that she did not want to field any questions not related to her new romantic drama, The Vow. We assume she meant she didn’t want to chat about Ryan Gosling, whom she hasn’t dated in five years. And why would she? They haven’t dated in five years. Despite her wish to not discuss her ex, the press asked the following gems:

“Hey Rachel! What do you think of Ryan dating Eva Mendes? Does it make you jealous?”

“Rachel, hey, over here! Rachel, do you think you’ll ever get back together with Ryan?”

“Wait a minute, Rachel! How much better was it kissing Ryan in The Notebook than Channing in The Vow?”

This just goes to show you that reporters will do anything to get a juicy story, including not getting any concrete information about a movie they were likely there to report on.

(Images: Ryan Gosling, Kristian Dowling/Getty Images Entertainment; Rachel McAdams, Lester Cohen/WireImage)