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Won’t the real Corey Mintz please stand up?

Corey Mintz and Andrew Byford—but which is which?

One of the more surreal moments in yesterday’s already-pretty-surreal termination proceedings of TTC chief general manager Gary Webster was the appearance of Andy Byford, Webster’s interim replacement. You see, Byford, who joined the TTC last November after running the transit in Sydney, happens to look pretty much exactly like Corey Mintz, the Toronto Star columnist and redoubtable dinner party host (Jonathan Goldsbie was the first to point this out on Twitter, calling him a “dead ringer”). Whether this means we’ll soon be seeing rillettes or musk ox cassoulet at Gateway Newsstands in the subway—well, that’s anyone’s guess.

(Images: Mintz, Paul Terefenko; Byford Twitpic, Jonathan Goldsbie)