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Russell Crowe thinks members of the Academy are a bunch of jerks, shows fondness for Ryan Gosling

Russell Crowe—actor, bad musician and sometimes surly New Zealander—has something in common with the rabid Ryan Gosling fan boys and girls: he’s not too happy about Goz’s Oscar snub. At 4 p.m. yesterday, Crowe tweeted, “Ryan Gosling didn’t get an Academy nomination? There’s some bullshit right there.” Not that his calling bullshit will matter to those stodgy types at the Academy, but having won an Oscar himself for Gladiator in 2000, we assume Crowe is somewhat of an expert on the craft. Sure, you could point to his work in L.A. Confidential, A Beautiful Mind, 3:10 to Yuma or any of his other wildly successful films, but we prefer to think of Crowe in decidedly more Canadian terms—as that guy who guest-starred on Republic of Doyle. We wait with bated breath to hear what Erin Karpluk thinks of Gosling’s snub.

(Images: Russell Crowe, screengrab from South Park; Ryan Gosling, Grey Goose Soho House)

  • Mimi

    Crowe is actually a rather good musician/singer. I doubt you’ve heard him or seen him perform his music. But not to worry, after extensive try outs, the Oscar winning actor was cast as Javert in the musical film Les Miserables. Seems someone thinks he can sing.

    Crowe is rarely surly these days. Nary a phone or tantrum thrown in half a decade. Give the bad boy stuff a rest, OK? The worse you can say about him… he speaks his mind, unlike so many, George Clooney the grinning chimp among the PR darlings who would never, ever dream of saying anything honest.

  • Janet Mozelewski

    Rarely surly? You obviously don’t read his twitter feed. If any of his little followers step out of line, or if anyone crosses him in real life or in a tweet….he er…speaks his mind. Usually incredibly rudely and pettily. Calling people who won’t let him in to (Members Only) gyms ‘rude chavs’ for example. Nice.
    I have heard Crowe….he has been desperately self-promoting his band for ever and even with all his angles and contacts has failed miserably. Why? Because its average pub-rock at best. And Crowe cannot hold a note. Maybe he HAS had lessons. Terrific. Would that mean someone with local theatre group level acting could have a few lessons in film acting and head up a blockbuster? You would doubtless scoff at that. But its OK to assume an actor can simply do the job other musical actors have honed for years.
    Reality check: As long as he ‘can sing’ a bit then the producers will have something to cut/paste/autotune into shape. And a well known name is easier to sell than an unknown (to movie audiences) with true ability.
    Watch Philip Quast sing ‘Stars’. When I see Crowe stand up, on stage, live and uncut to sing like that I will believe he is Javert. Not before.
    As far as Crowe thinking the Academy are Jerks. Not to worry…I would imagine the sentiment is entirely mutual.