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Common backpedals and calls Drake “clever” (but we’re not buying it)

In the escalating feud between Drake and rival rapper Common, the latter has thrown out all kinds of foul insults, calling Drizzy “soft,” “amateur” and even “Canada Dry” (horrors!). Now it seems that Common is trying to change his tune, telling Rolling Stone that he respects Drake as an artist, and that Drake “definitely said some real clever things and made some cool songs. I like his music.” The compliment doesn’t seem all that sincere (Common sounds more like a recalcitrant child being forced by his mom publicist to apologize than an honest-to-goodness admirer), but we’re pretty sure Drake won’t shed any tears over it—he has enough devoted fans already.

Common: ‘I Like Drake’s Music’ [Rolling Stone]

  • fuck canada

    Name speaks for itself

  • realhiphop

    Drake was great on degrassi as well……bahaha. Soft is right. Never know?… We all know Drake wouldn’t “pull some shit like that”. Almost as fake as Lil wayne himself. Whoever wrote this article knows nothing about hiphop. Common was a seasoned veteran in the game, before drake starting lighting it up (as a handicapped highscool student on Degrassi).

  • HAHA

    I’m a proud Canadian. As for Drake…embarassing. You’re a pussy Drake and you know it. Hit a gym too ya chubby bastard, run some laps and quit acting like a G……Degrassi…that is all.

  • Mike

    Common didn’t “backpedal” you nimrods. He said Drake’s music was all right on BET a couple weeks ago. He’s never been a hater and “Sweet” wasn’t about Drake specifically. He said it became about Drake when Drake took offense and startin poppin’ off at the mouth.

    So Common gave Drake a direct challenge and Drake doesn’t respond (I guess he can only take direct shots at women).

  • Mike

    And Common just did another freestyle about Canada Dry (via cue cards with “Canada Dry” on one of them).

    The only reason Com is saying it’s time to move on is because Drake didn’t reply. No one can battle by themselves.

    Drake is a coward, when it’s all said and done. He does subliminal disses all day but can’t take when someone really steps to him! smh

  • Mel

    Lol sweet was in reference to Drake… Common admitted in his remix. He also admitted he is just trash talking Drake because he is on top. Listen to his radio interviews on youtube its all there. I love Common as he was a beast and mastermind but Drizzy is different he makes beats, hooks and most of all he mAkes hip hop. Its like comparin apples to oranges and Common is just trying to make headlines, dudes got bills to pay and he has been out of the lime light since clinton was in office lol