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Oh, snap! Common calls Drake “Canada Dry,” the champagne of ginger ales

Drake news is really heating up now that the champagne of ginger ales, Canada Dry, has been dragged into a weeks-long feud between Drizzy and his rival, the tweed hat aficionado and popular rapper Common. Back in December, Common called Drake “soft” on his song “Sweet,” and Drake eloquently responded with, “Just ’cause I sing, I’m not no bitch” at a concert in L.A. We think that’s a pretty tame reaction, but Common is now firing back with a rhyme in a remix of a Rick Ross track: “I’m taking too long with this amateur guy/You ain’t wet nobody, n—a, you Canada Dry.” This battle has generated some choice tweets, and Drake’s face has been added to Wikipedia’s Canada Dry entry (we’re jealous), but while these rappers continue an ego-filled feud, we’re left thirsty. Canada Dry, 1; petty rappers, 0.

  • dannyboy

    what’s with Common? from wise rapper to thug, too bad for him his new stuff is sucking

  • ric

    How very small of you, Common.

  • nick

    ^the majority of REAL hiphop heads would disagree with your opinion. stick to mainstream bra

  • nick

    small of you? this is hiphop, watch 8 mile maybe then youll understand

  • PegCityHolla

    Small? Wise up man. Hip hop is based on the beef and the battle. Drake has no business being in this thing and Common is just saying what every hip hop head knows. Drake needs to go away already.

  • Mariaj_SinKlaire

    Common is a loved rapper for the type of rap hes does ,common is not a THUG neither is drake so why is he tryna start a beef battle ..common needs to run back to the set of HELL ON WHEELS & stop..DRAKE is doing his thing why cant other rappers just congratulate stop the b.s hate… point blank period DRAKE IS ON TOP

  • gunnerson

    this is just a good rap battle,…both should be able to hold there own and dead it when the time is right. some of hip-hop’s most memorable tracks are diss records,…neither of these dudes are gangsters but they are good lyricists (well, common is proven), let it ride out & maybe drizzy will leave us with some jems!

  • FrancisXL

    …Drake knows how to make good music and sell some records…he is by FAR not a lyricist. Common will eat him for breakfast…i.e. RIP Ice Cube

  • FrancisXL

    …Drake knows how to make good music and sell some records…he is by FAR not a lyricist. Common will eat him for breakfast…i.e. Ice Cube

  • Dontpass2joe

    Common is just keeping integrity in hip-hop. He’s saying what nobody in hip hop has the rocks to say! It’s probably because Drake is so trendy and emcees are afraid to get blacklisted for dissing the newest hip-pop primadonna. Thanks for keeping it real Common Sensei! I dig drakes flav but it’s temporary. Com Sense is a hip-hop legend and timeless sage in the game from the roots of this music…When Common was commin up, his records were competing against Wu in their prime, biggie smallz, ATCQ, at a time when nobody gave Chicago any respect and everybody was big-upping NYC…Drake ain’t never had to overcome no shit like that! Respect to Pops too!

  • Naj

    I’m a real hip hop head and I got respect for drake because he don’t promote hate. Love this philosophy. Common though, is one of my all time favourite lyricists. He will destroy Drake in a hip hop beef. HOWEVER, this is not a hip hop beef my people. THIS WHOLE BEEF IS BASED ON SERENA WILLIAMS. It’s deeper than hip hop. Common for me, is boosting his album sales by dissing Drizzy as well. Common shouldn’t being going at Drake like that, he is a legend, he should let the young cats do their stuff. My favourite tracks, I used to love H.E.R and the light are two examples of soft rap tracks by Common, but i still follow dude. Wrong reason to diss Drake for screwing his ex-girl.


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