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Zac Efron gets a Drake tattoo because, let’s face it, he’s an idiot (just kidding, it’s fine)

Zac Efron gets branded (Image: Jun Sato/WireImage)

By now, most people are familiar with the Los Angeles woman who stupidly got “DRAKE” tattooed on her forehead (if not, check it out). Now, onetime teen heartthrob and former High School Musical rapscallion Zac Efron has unveiled his very own Drizzy tattoo. The tattoo says “YOLO,” which is a reference to a Drake mantra and song meaning “You Only Live Once.” Sure, it’s not on his forehead, but Drake’s infectious influence has now infiltrated the Tiger Beat demographic (he’ll lose them, of course, when some idiot gets “BIEBER” tattooed on their forehead).