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Ryan Gosling hates McDonald’s and asks the company to “stop clowning around”

An undercover video was released in November that documented the cruelty hens face at Sparboe Egg Farms, who, until recently, were the primary egg providers for McDonald’s locations in the United States. Despite efforts by McDonald’s to cut ties with Sparboe, an unhappy group of celebrity chicken advocates—including Ryan Gosling, Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone, Kristin Bauer, Bryan Adams, Zooey Deschanel, Wendie Malick, Maria Menounos, Steve-O, and Ed Begley Jr.—have sent a letter to McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner that highlights how angry they are with the brand’s acceptance of animal cruelty. The letter notes that these farms are a breeding ground for dead and rotting corpses left in cages and how commonplace it is to find baby birds with singed beaks and others trapped and mangled in cage wire. The Almighty Goz protects human beings and chickens. Swoon. Check out the full letter »

(Image: Ryan Gosling, Christopher Drost)

  • Oat Globe

    Jesus, what the hell is with you people? I can’t even imagine going to j-school only to end up aggregating weekly puff pieces on an actor that, while Canadian, IS NOT EVEN FROM TORONTO.

  • Faye

    No, your right, he isn’t from Toronto BUT he is from Burlington Ontario which is only a half hour drive from Toronto, same vicinity really, besides what does it matter that he isn’t directly from Toronto anyhow? he is an advocate, someone has to advocate for those who cannot speak and that includes animals.

  • Scott

    Oh Please, do these famous actors not have anything better to do, like drugs or drunk driving or jail time? I will eat at McDonalds all I want and by the way is he going to help the many chldren suffering from cancer at Ronald McDonald house?

  • Rahanama

    ACTUALLY, He is from Cornwall, which is over 2 hours away.