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Ryan Gosling portrays the Invisible Man for the New York Times

Screengrab of the New York magazine feature

Any and every publication can (and does) make a “best of” list, but the New York Times magazine has taken it a step further by featuring every hot film star of 2011 as a vamp, crook or killer in a video directed by Alex Prager. Some of the best include Brad Pitt’s Cosmo Kramer-channeled “Eraserhead,” Jessica Chastain’s fire starter (she’s a redhead, if you didn’t know) and the most beloved Ontarian, Ryan Gosling, portraying the Invisible Man. Check out the slideshow on the Times website, and make sure not to miss Mia Wasikowska taking an axe to a room full of mirrors (one of our personal favourites). We suggest skipping Gary Oldman’s puppet boy, because it just creeps us out.