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Sorry, turns out Ryan Gosling isn’t sexy—and people are angry (thanks, People magazine)

Ryan Gosling was robbed, says the Internet (Image: Grover G)

Every year, People magazine picks one sexy man who earns the title (because they’re really hot) of “Sexiest Man Alive,” and for 2011 that person is Bradley Cooper. We were shocked, too—not because he isn’t a handsome man (hey, we watched Alias, Nip/Tuck, The Hangover and—sadly—The A-Team, often saying “wowza”), but because the clear choice for this year’s title seemed to be Ryan Gosling, who is meme-ified (and deified) every hour of every day by droves of fan boys and girls. Perhaps it was too obvious and People magazine decided they wanted to be edgy by not choosing the Almighty Goz, but the Internet is angry, and since Occupy movements are so hot right now, a protest has been scheduled at People headquarters (1271 Avenue Of The Americas, New York) for 1 p.m. today. Click on to read a recent update of the protest that is taking place at People headquarters, and make sure to take our poll after the jump.

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UPDATE: Worshipers of the Almighty Goz have been seen standing outside People headquarters—some are donning masks, while others are holding signs and chanting. We expect Bradley Cooper supporters to show up any moment. Could it turn out to be the public fight of the year?