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Six Toronto Halloween costumes, from Ryan Gosling’s Driver to Krista Ford

Rachel McAdams at Occupy Toronto
What you’ll need:
McAdams’ hair has gone from brunette to pink-striped over the years, but she’s best known as the blonde bombshell in The Notebook. Grab an appropriately coloured wig and don some protest-chic outerwear, including a hooded Mountain Equipment Co-op raincoat, floppy hat and knit scarf.
Extra credit:
McAdams is notoriously green, so we recommend toting a houseplant or two around town, complete with appropriate signage.

Ryan Gosling in Drive (spoiler alert!)
What you’ll need:
Gosling’s Driver may be a man of few words but he’s nothing if not stylish over the course of his brutal killing spree. The one thing you need to be recognizable in this role (aside from Gosling’s devilish good looks) is a gold scorpion bomber jacket—covered in blood of course. And maybe a pair of driving gloves.
Extra credit:
A Carey Mulligan look-alike on your arm and some charming “Hey girl” pickup lines.

Gravy Train
What you’ll need:
Rob Ford didn’t find the gravy in Toronto’s budget, making this political blunder perfect fodder for a “concept costume.” Think the Little Engine That Could meets Thanksgiving dinner: you’ll need locomotive-themed accessories like a conductor’s hat, a horn to honk and a whistle to blow. 
Extra credit:
Points for culinary flare and artistic invention are easily earned with the addition of real gravy to the costume (we’ll let you get creative with how you carry that around all night—we’d settle for wheels made from biscuits) and a homemade cardboard box train.

Krista Ford
What you’ll need:
Those who don’t have Ford’s covetable curves and assets might want to wear a push-up bra from one of her—likely—favourite boutiques, like La Senza or Victoria’s Secret. Confidence is key, in every single way, so underwear that cuts in will complete the look over a modest granny panty.
Extra credit: Carrying a football; lingerie changes throughout the night; and providing no reason to believe you have any other discernible talents.

Krista Erickson
What you’ll need:
Those desperate to be this TV newsperson will need a healthy smearing of self-tanner for a less-than-natural glow. A bad attitude will also go a long way, and if you have access to Margie Gillis, you’re a shoo-in for best costume at every party you attend.
Extra credit: Stop caring about research, reflection and the study of human adventure.

Marg Delahunty
What you’ll need:
Easy. Big ol’ glasses, a This Hour Has 22 Minutes microphone and a Xena Warrior Princess costume. Bring a bunch of Marg buttons for the Rob and Doug Ford, Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin and other politico look-alikes on the streets this year.
Extra credit: Take the cotton wool out of his ears and put it in his mouth.