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Playboy Magazine thinks Western is a fun place to party, but not as fun as Boulder, Colorado

Playboy Magazine is a fan of Western’s “play harder” attitude (Image: Better Than Bacon)

Students at the University of Western Ontario in London will be celebrating extra hard this weekend with the news that their reputation as a party school has been cemented in Playboy (we only read it for the articles, which is how we got this information). Rated the No. 4 party school in North America, UWO was the only Canadian university to make the top 10. (The school is no stranger to notoriety—most readers will recognize the name of the campus’s largest residence, Saugeen-Maitland Hall, thanks to a 2005 incident that led to a Toronto Star cover story about the 18-year-old Saugeen Stripper.)

Western students will no doubt be beaming with news of their Playboy achievement, but they shouldn’t get too chuffed; they lost to a school in Boulder, Colorado, a city more famed for its ABC Family-appeal than its crazy keggers. That just means they’ll have to step it up—so UWO students, make sure to head out to Jim Bob’s for Jägerbombs this weekend, and keep doing Canada (and your parents) proud.