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Michael Cera ♥ Who’s the Boss: awkwardlicious star spotted eating fro-yo with Tony Danza

Yesterday, WENN got its hands on some photos of local boy Michael Cera catching up with a highly unlikely pal (the shots are re-published by Lainey here). Okay, so we can’t say for sure that they’re pals, but we can say that Cera and Tony Danza were spotted going for fro-yo yesterday in L.A. They were accompanied by that weird guy who played the bearded stoner in Knocked Up (a.k.a. Martin Starr). WTF? Or, to put it in Tony-speak: Eh-oh, oh-eh?

We know Scott Pilgrim was a big box office disappointment, and yes, Cera must be absolutely reeling over the success of The Social Network, given that he was apparently considered for the Zuckerberg role, but has it really come to hanging out with a man who cleans homes in Connecticut for a living? Oh, wait. That was Tony Micelli.

To be clear, we’re not being snobby. We spend much of our young lives wishing that Who’s the Boss trivia master was a legitimate career option. But still, Cera is an actor on his way up, while Tony is, well, not. So what’s the connection? Our hope is that Danza is being considered for a cameo in the Arrested Development movie. Either that or they’re considering a Who’s the Boss remake. Cera is one bowl cut away from being a dead ringer for Jonathan Bower.

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(Images: Danza, Corey Schaffer; Cera, ynnil)