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Selena Gomez gets a little too close to Justin Bieber; Beliebers not amused

(Image: Jake Auzzie)

We all know that pop heartthrob Justin Bieber is the object of affection of innumerable prepubescent girls. So when photos of the Stratford sensation cozying up to Disney actor Selena Gomez surfaced on the Web, it’s none too surprising that more than a few flew into a digital tizzy.

Gomez and Bieber have denied any romantic involvement, with 18-year-old Gomez describing 16-year-old Bieber as “one of my best friends.” Bieber recently said of Gomez, “We just like to hang out. People shouldn’t be stopping us from going out to dinner and things like that.” But photos that recently surfaced on the Web of the two leaning in to kiss while on vacation in St. Lucia would seem to imply otherwise. For many of Bieber’s fans, this was simply too much to take, so they took to Twitter with some (hopefully harmless) death threats for Gomez.

A sampling:

“@selenagomez I’ll kill you I swear on GOD!!!!”

“@selenagomez If you are the Girlfriend of Justin I will Kill you I HATE YOU :@ !!!

It’s not the first time that thoughts of Bieber in the arms of another have incited Belieber rage. Back in May, Kim Kardashian received similar Twitter death threats after Bieber joked she was cute while hanging with her at a White House Correspondents dinner. That incident prompted a spectacularly awkward Elle photo spread and some pretty ridiculous May-December love affair speculation.

The Gomez-Bieber connection seems more like the real deal. Let’s hope the two can keep it under wraps and out of the glossies, for the sake of Gomez’s safety and sanity, and for those of us who would rather not see a couple of teenagers making out in the pages of every fashion mag in town.

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  • The Guardians

    as being fan of justin bieber , well it should be better … Toronto Security Services

  • savannah

    justin u r the best person ever even knoeing that i never seen u that dosnt matter and for you to go behind all of you fans and kiss and touch selaenas but so u better watch out on her any ways she cheated on a lot of boy and im so sorry to hear about u be9ng in the hestaple luv savannah

  • Michelle

    Ugh. I swear, to all of you people who have been trashing selena, LAY OFF. seriously, don’t get all worked up over justin bieber. all he is is a regular guy with great hair. that’s it. he’s gonna let u down eventually. all stars do. so don’t go getting up in selena’s face about it.

  • The Advice Teller

    I would have to agree with Michelle like really. You might like Justin but he probally won’t end up as your boyfriend sure it would be great for you if he was. But think if you were in Selena Gomez’s position and people were sending you hate mail. Like realy grow the f*** up! I might not be one of those girls that hangs over Justin like he’s the best thing that ever happened. But I do know things I wasn’t born yesterday, I know about love mabye not as much as my mom but I have been dumped. Or ignored and believe me Justin probally won’t end up with you so don’t set yourself up for disapointment. If you don’t believe me go right at it. However, I would just stay a fan instead of a girl that life seems to depend on Justin. Hope if you sent Selena Gomez hate mail you’ll go back and say your sorry.

  • primordius

    i have really gone to the conclusion they WILL KILL for Bieber. really they will its just f*****ed up that they would put a idol above somebody’s life. there psychopaths that’s my conclusion about them. i do not hate JB that much but i am in fear of my life against his psychopathic bloodthirsty fans. my felling about his fans just turned from hate to fear. REALLY.