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Spotted! Ryan Gosling getting his Canuck Christmas on in Burlington

Ryan Gosling: Burlington or bust (Image: friskytuna)

Do we really need more reasons to love Ryan Gosling? Yeah, yeah, we know he’s dating a Gossip Girl, but let’s just put that unfortunate match out of our minds for a minute and swoon over the ukulele scene in Blue Valentine. Then there was the recent interview in which, when asked to sing whatever song came into his head, Gosling broke into the My Little Pony theme (Blake Lively probably doesn’t even know what a My Little Pony is). So we hardly need another reason to crush on Canada’s hunk with a heart, but here it is anyway: the Goz spent the holidays not at Chateau Marmont and not on some Lohanian coke bender but back home with his mom in Burlington, Ontario.

This is one Hollywood heartthrob who hasn’t forgotten where he came from (though to be fair, as home to Canada’s largest rib festival, Burlington is no slouch in the stomping grounds department). A fan spotted Gosling visiting the local Best Buy on Boxing Day, which means—sigh—he’s frugal and into electronics (or interminable lines and underinformed staffers). Then, just this week, the actor was spotted at Pearson airport.

Oh, to be a fitted black baseball hat.

• New Year at home [Lainey Gossip]

  • lisa

    he was also seen shopping at sobey’s in burlington on jan 3rd! and signed autographs!! very humble and VERY cute!!!

  • Anonymous

    Blake and Ryan are NOT dating. It was just a rumor, and a silly rumor at that because Blake is definitely not the kind of girl that Ryan dates. Looking at his past relationships, to me Ryan seems to go for girls that are down-to-earth and sweet, not a fame whore like Blake. In fact, Ryan has been linked to Michelle Williams a lot more, and to me, Michelle’s definitely the kind of girl that is Ryan’s type. She fits all those categories.

    Just so you know, I think Blake is pretty, but she’s pissing me off lately because she seems to pop up everywhere now. I used to like her, not so much right now though.

    Back to the rumor, Ryan confirmed it himself and said that they were just “friends”.

  • blake

    Hahahaha LoL…”Blake is definitely not the kind of girl that Ryan dates”… Ryan is so ugly,and Blake is so beautiful!!So Ryan is deinitely not the kind of “boy” that Blake dates!! He is like 7 years older then her… :/ omg