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Secrets of a society photographer: George Pimentel shares his favourite shots

Galen Weston Jr.’s Bieber haircut, a commando mission to shoot Conrad Black, and the never-ending battle for fashion supremacy—George Pimentel has seen, done and documented it all. Tonight, the celebrity photographer shares 300 of his favourite Toronto society snaps at a VIP-filled bash at the Carlu. In case you didn’t get an invite, here’s a sneak peek at some of Pimentel’s most memorable shots.

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  • boomergirl

    I love George Pimentel’s work. I always look for his B&W hanging in his studio window.

  • Jane

    The man’s a tool and most other shooters in this city think his work is a joke. Plus he’s a boor. I remember the time he said “Ok, just one with the midget” as actor Peter Dinklage was in earshot.

  • diane

    he takes very good pictures, I do know he says unconvential things to get their attention but not with any malice toward the person