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Proactiv finds the most perfect spokesperson: Justin Bieber

To have Justin Bieber as the face of a product is to hit the marketing jackpot, but to have that product targeted primarily toward, even relied upon by, teenagers, well, no fee is too high a price. Proactiv has made Bieber its new spokesperson, joining a club that includes Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The Biebs is abiding by his contract dutifully, praising the product in an interview for People like a good pimple-free dancing monkey. “I know that for a teenager, it doesn’t matter how many people are looking at you, you don’t want acne on your face,” Bieber said. “I’m in the limelight all the time… I’m constantly doing interviews, constantly doing photo shoots and, you know, I’m determined to keep myself clear. Using Proactiv will help that.” Well played, Proactiv. The commercial (in which the Biebs praises hormones) at left.

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