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Thompson Hotel opening: pillow fights, pool parties and an hour wait for the rooftop

The roof pool at the Thompson Hotel (Image: George Pimentel)

By 10 p.m. last night, the wait for the elevator was an hour long, and the rooftop patio was at capacity. We shouldn’t have been surprised that the place was packed. Yes, yes, everyone was there. To drop some boldfaces, Kelly Rowan, Trevor Born, Jeanne Beker, the boys of Greta Constantine, Jeremy Laing (who designed the fabulous dresses the servers wore), Stacey Kimel, Ben Mulroney, Galen Weston Jr., teen blogging sensation Tavi Gevinson, Society gals Ashleigh Dempster and Amanda Blakley, Jian Ghomeshi, DJ Tony (from Ellen), et al.

Fortunately, we’d managed to get up to the roof pronto—lingering in the lobby, as gorgeous as it is, is not how to spend opening night at the Thompson Hotel. And it is as fabulous as we’d been promised: the elevator doors open onto a glistening infinity pool (in it, three frolicking ladies in sunglasses and sun hats) and a stunning vista of downtown Toronto at night. Has the CN Tower ever looked so sexy? Even the most blasé of the city’s jet set were oohing in their Choos. That is, if they weren’t cursing the elevator lineup or giving the stink-eye to the lingerie-clad women hired to pillow fight in a feather-covered boxing ring—they duked it out adjacent to the elevator line.